Have you guys ever wondered what is it like to wake up in the morning and feel like you have someone special you can share everything with? and I don’t mean a bff, I mean a boyfriend. I haven’t, and I really want to…..

sorry I haven’t wrote a long time, I’m depressed, cause no one loves me.

help me! I’m very close to self harming….

Something I can never forget….. part 2

When the police arrived they took Andrew away, and u sat on the bed. You said: It was just so awful… Justin sat next to you and said: I know babe, I’m sorry!  u hugged him, he picked up the ripped shirt and said: But he did do a great job on this shirt! u smiled slightly and said: Justin stop it! it’s not funny… Justin hugged u and said: I know, I’m sorry. U desided to go out with Justin, u picked out a white dress and white pumps. U also put on a golden necklace and earrings, u sat in Justins car and drove to the club. U had a few drinks and then u went to the bathroom, when u came back u couldn’t find Justin anywhere. U looked for him everywhere, u finally found him in the VIP room…… with a girl……..

sorry that so short I’m still thinking if I should end this fanfic, and start another on the same page…. here so don’t unfollow



Mary’s POV
“Juuustin” You yelled. “Justin?” You said in a softer tone. You walked up stairs to find Justin asleep. “Haha” you laughed. You took a picture and posted it on instagram captioned; “Came home to this love you baby ;)” You walked to the resroom and saw another person’s…

love it!! please don’t make a sad ending….

Something I can never forget…. part 1

U woke up in the morning and saw Justin sleeping, u quietly stood up and walked to the bathroom. U started brushing your teeth, u felt someones hands around your waist. U thought it was Justin so you said: U finally tesided to wake up huh? he whispered in your ear: I’ve been here since 6 am watching u sleep… U jumped out of his arms, this wasn’t Justin….. it was your ex Andrew. U asked scared: What are u doing here, how u got in and WHY were you watching me sleep?? screaming the last part so Justin would wake up, it didn’t work he was still sleeping. Andrew kept goming closer to you saying: I love u! and I know u love me back!! u backed away and said: I don’t love u!! I love Justin!!!!! he kept goming closer so you finally fell in the bathtub, he climbed in the bathtub on top of u. U screamed: Go away!! Leave me alone!!  u tried to push him away put he was too strong, u screamed: Justiiiiin!!!! Help meeeeeeeeee!!!!!! but Andrew covered your mouth with his hand. He started pulling down your panties, u tried to scream but he held his hand on your mouth. He ripped your shirt and started touching your boobs and sucking your nipples, finally u saw Justin running in the bathroom and he pulled Andrew off of u. He started beating Andrew, while u got out of the tub wiping your tears and trying to cover your boobs and other body parts that were showing. When Andrew was unconsious Justin ran to you and hugged you, he said: I’m so sorry I didn’t wake up!! U just hugged him, when 2 minutes had past u said: We should call the police! Justin nodded and pulled out his Iphone, he called the police and while they were on the way u changed into a sweater and leggings.

U stayed besides Justin til he got better, it has been a week and now Justin remembers everything. U helped Justin pack his stuff to go home, when u got home u unpacked Justins stuff and u both sat on the couch. U knew that there would probably be news about Justin so u asked: Wanna watch a movie? Justin nodded and u picked out a movie, u picked “HSM 3”. U pressed play and sat on the couch next to Justin, after a while u fell asleep on Justins shoulder. When u woke up u saw Justin sleeping next to you, on the couch. U woke Justin and asked: Why are we sleeping here? Justin answered: You fell asleep during the movie but I still can’t carry you upstairs, but I also didn’t want you to sleep alone down here. U smiled and said: That’s so sweet of u!! Justin smiled and kissed u. U stood up and looked at the clock, it was 12 pm. U and Justin walked upstairs and fell asleep. When u woke up next morning u saw Justin still sleeping, u kissed him on his forhead and went downstairs to make breakfast. U made eggs and bacon, when u finished u felt two strong arms on your waist. U smiled and turned around, Justin asked: Made any for me? U said: Of course I did, here you go. Justin took his plate and sat down behind the kitchen table, u sat down next to him.  U finished eating and put the dishes in the dishwasher, Justin stood up and put his arms around your waist.  I want u, badly! He whispered in your ear, u smiled and whispered: I want u too, but I don’t wanna hurt u! Justin said: U won’t… he started sucking your neck, u moaned and turned so you were now face to face. U kissed him on the lips and said: Fine but if I hurt u tell me right away! Justin nodded and pushed u on the couch, he took off his top and pants. He layed on top of u and took off your top and pants, he kissed u a few times and then took off his boxers. U  took off your underwear and Justin put ” jerry” in u, u moaned in pleasure. Justin started pushing and u digged your nails into Justin’s back, Justin pushed faster and then he hit your G-spot. BIEBERGASM!!!! Justin layed next to you and said: See you didn’t hurt me! U smiled, kissed him and fell asleep.

So this is a dirty imagine in a long while, do I still got it….

OMG!!! Part 2

When u got to the hospital u ran to Justins room. He layed there with a broken arm and a broken leg, he also had some head injuries. U sat down and started crying, Justins friends and Pattie, Jeremy, Jazzy and Jaxon had gone to the hotel to get some sleep. U stayed there for the hole night, in the morning u saw Justin srill laying there. U went in the coffe shop to buy some coffe and donuts, when u came back u saw Justin laying with his eyes open. U dropped everything you were holding and ran to him, u screamed: Dr!! He’s awake!!! The doctor ran in and looked at how he’s doing, Justin asked: Who are u people and where am I? U looked at the doctor worried and he said: It’s normal! It should last maximum a week! U looked at Justin again, he said: You’re hot!! I like u!! U smiled and said: Thanks Justin! Justin asked: Who are u? U answered: I’m your girlfriend! Justin smiled and asked: Really!? You’re my girlfriend!? U smiled and nodded. He said:  I can’t belive it! You’re the most gorgeous girl alive! And you’re my girlfriend! U smiled and said: Yes I am! Now get some rest! Justin nodded and asked: Sure! But will u be here? U smiled and said: Of course I will! I will never leave u ever again! Even if you cheat on me or say something stupied! Justin frowned and asked: Why would I do these things? U akwardly said: Well u kinda said some stupied stuff before this happened.. Justin took your hand and said: I will never do these things again! I love u… and then he fell asleep because of the medications.

I know I kinda copied a video of a man falling in love with his wife after memory lost but it was so cute I had do do it between Justin and Y/N!!! :)

OMG!! Part 1

U both sat in Justins car and drove to the club. When u got there u saw your friend, u and Justin walked towards her. U hugged her and then u went dancing, Justin stayed to the table with his friends. U just danced and danced, when Justin came tto you and said: I have a feeling someone you don’t wanna see is here… U looked around and saw your ex, he walked towards u but you tried to hide behind Justin. It didn’t work he saw u, he took your hand and tried to pull u away from Justin. But Justin pulled u back and then he said: Leave my girlfriend alone!! Your ex Andrew laughed and said: She doesn’t love u!! Justin smirked and said: It didn’t sound like this when she screamed my name last night!! U gasped and said: Justin, how could u?? U ran away and Andrew said: Now look what you did!! Justin frowned and ran after u. He found u sitting in the park crying, he sat next to you and said: I’m sorry babe!! U said: How could u!!? I thought you loved me!! Justin said: I do love u!! U wiped your tears and said: If you loved me you wouldn’t tell these things!! U tried to stand up and walk away but Justin grabbed you by your waist, he pulled u back and said: Please don’t leave!! I can’t lose u again!!! U took his arms off your waist and said: You should have thought of this before you said that thing!! U ran away, as you ran u heard: Y/N!! Please don’t leave!!! I love u!! U looked back and saw Justin on the ground with his face buried in his hands, u wanted to run back but then u saw Justins friends there. U just kept walking towards home, u got home and u yelled: Justin!! Are u home!! I forgive u!! U couldn’t find him, u turned on the news and there was a picture of a car and a blood stain next to it. U heard: Today, a teen pop sensation Justin Bieber got run over by a car. Right now it’s critical, Justins family is in the hospital but they didn’t seem to find her girlfriend. They say there was a fight between them before the acci…. You couldn’t hear anything else cause you had already ran out and started driving to the hospital.


Sexy u….

U said: I’ll go pick something to wear for tonight, have any suqestions? Justin smirked and said: Wear something sexy and I’ll be fine. U smiled and walked to your dresser. U picked a black dress with a cut on its back and a long V neck, and black pumps. U started curling your hair, and then u felt Justins hand on your hips. U turned around and he asked: You’re not putting make up on are you? U frowned and asked: Why, you don’t like me wearing make up? Justin answered: No, just I want to see your real face once in a while, that’s the face I fell in love with! U smiled and asked: How about I just wear lipstick and mascara? Justin nodded and kissed u. U finished curling your hair and then u put it up in a ponytail, u like it when the curls fall loose a little. Then u walked downstairs and sat on the couch, u turned the sound back on and danced again. Justin saw u and he said: If you’re gonna dance like this in the club, I’m gonna be a happy man… U laughed and said: I’ll try! 5 HOURS LATER!! U let yoir hair loose and there were nice loose curls, then u put on lipstick and mascara. When u got your dress and pumps on u walked downstairs and said: I’m ready! Justin just looked at u, he said: You… Look.. AMAZING!! U smiled and said: Thanks!

I’m gonna write more soon…..


THE NEXT DAY!! U woke up and saw Justin sleeping, u thought he was so cute so you took a picture of u and him. U posted it on instagram, u wrote: I love u more than anything Justin! Then u saw Justin opening his eyes, he asked: How’s your arm? U said: It’s much better. Justin got a happy smile on his face, he said: Great, we can go out now! U smiled and said: Yes we can. When are we going? Justin said: Umm, 12 pm. U went in the dresser and wore a paige top with eiffel tower on it, and black skinny jeans. Justin put on just his shorts, u both walked downstairs in the kitchen. U made some breakfast for u and him, u ate it and then u turned on the TV. U turned on the music channel and there was Katy perry’s new song “Roar”, u started dancing and jumping around. Justin just watched and smirked, u said: Come dance?! He said: No, I prefer to watch. U smiled and took his hand, u showed him a dance u had learned in your dance class. U both danced it and u said: See, you’re not bad! Justin smirked and said: I didn’t say I’m a bad dancer, I said I prefer to watch u! U smiled and kissed him.

This is for “Roar” I really like this song, do you like it?


U woke up and saw Justin in the bathroom, you desided to scare him. U quietly stood up and walked in the bathroom, u quikly yelled: Boo!! Justin flinched and turned to u. U were laughing uncontrollably, Justin smiled and kissed u. U were still laughing like a crazy person, you walked in the closet and wore a white top and shorts. U couldn’t stop laughing, Justin asked: What are u laughing about? You answered: You… screamed… like a. .. girl!! Justin smiled and said: No I didn’t!! U just kept laughing. U ate breakfast but then a pea got stuck in your throat, u started choking. Justin stood up and did the heimlich, u got the pea out and Justin said: Please don’t laugh anymore, I don’t wanna lose u! U smiled and said: I’ll try but I don’t think I can! U started laughing again but then Justin kissed u, he kissed u for 3 minutes. When he stopped u said: Now that helped!! He smiled and asked: Wanna go out tonight? U answered: I don’t know, my hand still hurts a little. Justin said: Fine but when it gets better we’re going out! U smiled and said: That works for me!

Sorry that so short, I can’t think of anything to write.. Give me some ideas